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One of our key services is the career advice that we give our candidates. Our highly trained and specialised consultants are always willing to offer what advice they can on a range of career issues. If you have a question you would like to ask then please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 345 226 1523 and we will try and answer your query.

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Morgan West Internal Audit offers both professionalism and integrity in our services to both our candidates and clients. Below are some of the many testimonials we have collated, from both our candidates and clients, which are proof alone of the success of our business.

What did you like best about Morgan West Internal Audit?

  • “Professionalism; timely follow-up and contact throughout the process; sensible interview advice and preparation.”
  • “Morgan West Internal Audit has a responsive staff that has your best interest in mind.”
  • “Morgan West Internal Audit presented itself more professionally than most recruiting firms.”
  • “Very fast response time to my CV as well as all other enquiries, a personal approach and they took the time to find out my needs and requirements.”

How would you describe the opportunities presented by Morgan West?

  • “They have some of the best opportunities available and an outstanding client base.”
  • “Top-shelf; excellent career positions at premium companies.”
  • “Focused on personal career needs and desires but still covering a wide enough range of opportunities to not be limited too early on.”

What sets Morgan West apart from other Consultancies you have used?

  • “Morgan West Internal Audit is significantly different from most of the firms we have used. Morgan West consistently presents qualified candidates while providing superior client service. Morgan West’s level of professionalism is unmatched in our market. I feel extremely comfortable with Morgan West Internal Audit representing my organisation to candidates.”
  • “I would have to say the personnel of Morgan West really sets the bar in the industry. They are courteous, professional, responsive and attentive. They know their industry and won’t waste your time by sending you on a worthless interview.”
  • “Level of personal attention; sincere interest in finding the right fit between candidate and position.”
  • “High professional integrity, total commitment to candidate, full candidate involvement in all decisions.”
  • “A Morgan West consultant displayed a higher degree of professionalism and had a better inventory of opportunities than other companies.”
  • “Professionalism and integrity.”

Additional comments?

  • “I would recommend Morgan West Internal Audit to anyone currently looking for a new position. Or even if you’re thinking that you just want to look around, Morgan West Internal Audit is the best consultancy in the industry.”
  • “Working with Morgan West was the best career search experience I have had so far. In my next career move, Morgan West Internal Audit will be my first point of contact.”